Desi Wedding Makeup by Lumen Beltran

“Lumen is an exceptionally talented makeup artist. She is very understanding and personal when it comes to the needs of the model. Throughout our time together she was efficient, professional, and extremely friendly. Her artistry skills are beyond amazing. She made sure to take care of proper hygiene. As a model, I really appreciate it when the MUA uses proper hygiene and sanitation while applying my makeup. Whether it be using hands, brushes, or any other tools, she kept everything clean and organized. She was very considerate of that and our time together.

I remember when we first met, her response looking at me was how excited she was to create the eye look she had imagined for me. It instantly made me feel comfortable and drawn to her creative skills. I was also stunned to look at myself after she was done. She did an amazing job!

She was also very helpful throughout the shoot, helping me touch up and even BTS while taking shots. I would highly recommend Lumen to anyone looking for professional makeup for weddings, shoots, etc. She can do anything with makeup. Personally, I am so in awe of her skills and her personality that I would love to have her as a personal makeup artist one day.”

Lisa Naveed
Model, The NUMA Network

“I recruited Lumen to participate as a makeup artist for a charity fashion show, and I can easily say she’s one of the most professional, reliable, and down-to-earth individuals I’ve worked with. During the weeks leading up to our event, she was a fantastic source of help, particularly in securing other makeup and hair artists. On the day of the show, she perfectly captured the vision of our gender-neutral theme, and had many of our models feeling absolutely glamorous. I’m already looking forward to working with her for our future events.”

Liz Dayo
President, UCalgary Fashion Network

“Lumen not only had a creative vision of her own, but wanted to work with me to create one together. She had such an uplifting spirit and made every effort to make me feel gorgeous. She went above and beyond on connecting with me while producing a stunning look.”

Asuna Yuriko
Model, MODE Models International